The story of the Nardelli family began in the heart of Borgo degli Orefici over 40 years ago, when Domenico, not yet twenty, began his training in contact with the greatest Neapolitan goldsmiths. His company, in over 40 years of activity, has gone from a family artisan reality to a real jewelery maison with a recognizable stylistic figure through a gradual, sometimes not easy, path that required a strengthening of the staff. Several new figures were therefore used: managers, marketing managers, sales managers, graphic designers and external designers.

The strengthening of the company's roots then took place with the entry of Domenico's sons: Salvatore and Giovanni. The first managerial and administrative manager, the second is in the commercial management.

Among the important stages of Nardelli Gioielli, the opening of the first flagship store in Capri. Combining design and high-profile artisan tradition, the Maison Nardelli is present throughout the national territory. And it is thanks to the remarkable results achieved that Nardelli Gioielli has also become a case study for various universities: from Bocconi to Iulm in Milan, past Sapienza in Rome and Suor Orsola Benincasa in Naples.

The structuring of an IT network that connects the company with the points of sale and the increasingly massive presence on digital and social networks are among the main evolutions of a path which, moreover, never goes to the detriment of the values ​​of tradition and at the same time it allows her to look to the future with ambition. All the creations benefit from this combination, from the classic feminine line to those that have been added over time to satisfy an increasingly varied market demand: Nardelli Uomo, the Fedi line and the Elli's mini-jewelry.

The ancient goldsmith tradition of the Neapolitan school relives in the creations signed by Nardelli

The mastery of ancient manufacturing techniques, the perfection of shapes, enhanced by the beauty and preciousness of gems and diamonds, the finesse of every detail, are values ​​that only Italian craftsmanship can guarantee.

The value of Nardelli designer jewels is measured on the basis of both the very high quality of the chosen raw material and the rigor of the production process which requires a study and preparation of at least six months, demonstrating the attention and selectivity of the operations they anticipate. putting new products on the market.

In the creation of a jewel, creativity is combined with the ability to work in a team made up of designers, goldsmiths, gemologists, managers and trend analysts, engaged in monitoring the highest quality of raw materials, in the search for innovation that enhances without distorting the identity of the brand, in the study of the desires of an increasingly demanding clientele, who ask to have an object of extraordinary workmanship and at the same time easy to wear.

The idea is discussed, shared between owners and management, with the active involvement of collaborators. The choice of colors is made with an eye on tradition and one on innovation. We look at the new proposals of the fashion system without ever losing sight of the identity characters of a product with classic-Mediterranean motifs. Only after an in-depth examination is it possible to move on to modeling and then to prototyping: under the skilled hands of artisans and goldsmiths the first model is modeled. We then move on to setting with the diamond.


The quality monitoring follows operation after operation and, following the “marriage” with the precious stone, the final judgment of the product arrives.

The excellent result achieved is demonstrated by the growing success achieved by Nardelli Gioielli, which has established itself as one of the most important groups in the national goldsmith art scene.

The passion and the continuous search for a perfect customization of the product finds its maximum expression in the packaging of customized precious objects, created according to the needs of an increasingly competent clientele.

The Nardelli jewel is rigorously made in Italy: not only the phases of conception and realization but also those of the realization of the precious are carried out in Italy. That's why choosing a Nardelli jewel means wearing the Italian style, a perfect synthesis of technique and passion, classicism and innovation.

Today Nardelli Gioielli is on the scene on the most prestigious international markets - Europe, USA, Russia, China and Japan - and is projecting towards the future, developing ad hoc internationalization strategies to enter new markets, including the South American one. Nardelli participates in the most important trade fairs worldwide: Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Vicenza and Abu Dhabi.

We are leaders in the distribution of brands in the world of jewelry on the national territory.

Thanks to a young but experienced team, making use of figures such as managers and sales managers, GN Gioielli is already a leader in the distribution of brands in the world of jewelry in Italy and abroad.

Our job is to understand the characteristics of our commercial partner, to then study and develop projects for positioning on the market.

To date, our successes in the jewelry sector are mainly related to the distribution of Nanan Bijou.

Nanan is a leading brand in the world of children who has relied on our company for the creation and distribution of jewelry.

In almost four years we have activated about 700 points of sale in Italy, with an estimated growth of 40% in 2020.

We are in line with the objectives of turnover and distribution quality, managing to be present in important dealers on the Italian market. Our strength is that of knowing how to organize ideas through the different phases of work.